For some, ten is too many Kris Jenner—the momager wants more grandkids!

Celebrities gathered together to promote Hulu’s new show. The Kardashians and Kris’ only childless kiddo, Kendall JennerCelebHomes News exclusively revealed the following: Daily Pop that her mom is “100 percent” pressuring her to start a family with boyfriend Devin BookerShe is also a mother of two, her little sister. Kylie Jenner.

Kris will “just randomly text me, and be like, ‘I think it’s time’, and I’m like ?!'”. Kendall agreed. “Just your friendly reminder!” Kris piped in.

Other information revealed during the interview was Kim Kardashian crediting her inner mama bear for those rare times when she publicly loses her temper and unleashes a savage clap-back.

“I get to a point where I just have to let it all out and say how I feel,” the Keep Up with the Kardashians While promoting their Hulu premiere, an alum revealed the truth The Kardashians. “I think that also comes with the protection of being a mom and life experiences where you just have no time to bulls–t anybody and you just have to get s–t done.”