True ThompsonShe is making sure that she took the shot. 

Mama’s back, leaning against her Khloe KardashianTrue, True’s beautiful face revealed that she’s just as passionate about the camera than the rest of her family. In Khloe’s recent Instagram post posted on Thursday, February 17, 2017, True showed this in Khloe’s latest Instagram post. 

This photo, captioned “My forever,” features Khloe’s 3-year old daughter pressing her forehead against her mother’s cheek. True, a 37-year old star, is seen pouting her lips as she rests her hand on Khloe. 

In another picture, True poses next to Khloe with her chin rested in her hand, fingers pushing up the side of her mouth into an adorable side smile. Both ladies were dressed pink for the occasion to express their admiration to one another. 

Comment section: Khloe’s closest friend Malika HaqqTrue and True share a love for each other’s cameras ready instincts.