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The latest trend is to wear less. Our style inspirations, Hailey Bieber (and Olivia Rodrigo) say that the mini skirt has returned.

Hailey styled her mini skirt with an oversize leather jacket and a red top, making it the perfect outfit to wear for Valentine’s Day with Justin Bieber. Olivia styled the skirt with tights and a crochet sweater. She also wore platform boots. 

What’s the best thing? Edikted’s Dasha Micro Skirt is worn by Olivia and Hailey. You can also get it for only $24 Edikted has also been worn by other celebrities, such as Hailey and Olivia. Megan Fox, Charli D’Amelio, Kristen Stewart, Alex CooperAnd Tinx. You can order the skirt below before it goes on sale!