Khloe KardashianHas a couple new to ship.

This is how the Kardashian sister expressed her love Kim KardashianCheck out the latest Instagram posts by Pete Davidson, which made their relationship social media official. Kim and Pete were pictured together on March 11.

Khloe granted her approval by commenting “I love it!” And it’s no wonder why—she revealed last month that the SNL star sweetly sent her flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Kim has posted the newest photo. Pete lies on the ground and rests his head in Kim as she sits beside him. Both are staring at each other and puckering their lips, as if ready for a kiss. In the second photo, Pete’s face takes up half of the image while Kim—wearing a silver, frilly jacket with metallic thigh-high heeled boots—leans against the wall with pursed lips towards the camera.

She captioned her photo with “Whose vehicle are we going to take?”