Britney Spears vs. Kevin Federline – Details on the New Feud

The war of words. 

After Britney Spears‘ new husband Sam AsghariSlammed Kevin Federline for speaking publicly about the pop star and their kids, Kevin’s lawyer shared his thoughts on the heated situation.

“Kevin is aware that Sam has become Britney’s spouse. Sam won’t take a position against Britney. Mark Vincent Kaplan said in a video published by TMZ and captured outside Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Aug. 7. Sam doesn’t really know Kevin. “He doesn’t really know Kevin.

As for Sam’s claim that the former backup dancer doesn’t work, the attorney said “that is just an attack that Kevin is not going to dignify with a response.”

“Kevin’s been working all along,” he said. He continued, “And by and large, even though this isn’t his main source of income, there is no better job than having six kids with Britney. This is a full-time job.

CelebHomes News attempted to reach Britney’s attorney and rep, but was unsuccessful.