News leaked 2 months ago that Charlie Angel, Drew Barrymore, was in contract to buy a 4 bed and 4 bath co-op in the upper east side of Manhattan. Take a wild guess on how much it would cost her? $8.3 million. I guess that when you’re a Golden Globe winner, you can afford such a place. Or perhaps her new hubby, Will Kopelman, would be helping the wifey snag it. Apparently, Kopelman’s an actor. No matter, because Drew’s currently working with Adam Sandler again in Blended. The listing is still in contract status today. Sooner or later, Drew and Will may buy the place. It’s reported that Drew snooped around quite a bit in the building that houses the unit.

The duplex on Park Ave dons the look and feel of a house rather than an apartment. Ascend or descend the stairs and you’ll find yourself in homey goodness. The duplex that Drew’s interested in takes up floors 10 and 11, so beautiful pulsating views of the area that surrounds the apartment building won’t be difficult to grasp, except for one of the windows which is too tiley. For $8.3 million buckaroos, Drew and Will would be getting fireplaces, a nice spacious library room, furnished kitchen, two living room areas, and doorman service. And must anything be said about transportation?

Address: 830 Park Ave #10/11B, New York NY 10021