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Everybody’s favourite sheepskin miniboot is back since the early 2000s. And we regret not keeping our first pair.

UGG’s renaissance is hard to ignore. Like clockwork, every month another famous silhouette is brought back to life by influencers and celebrities, sending customers into an frenzy for the most recent and greatest styles.

It was first the Disquette Slipper. Then everyone wanted the Tazz Mule and the Classic Ultra Mini Boot.

The popularity of the cropped boot is no surprise. They are more comfortable than taller boots and they can be slipped on easily. They can be dressed up or down like the example. Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall JennerAnd Hailey Bieber. My first pair of shoes was in middle school. I didn’t style them like a chic girl.

You’re on the lookout for UGGs in the newest style? We have compiled all of the locations where you can still find them. All odds are in your favor, and may you be able to find the right size!