Kendall Jenner is done keeping up with the constant stories about her family. 

The second season is almost upon us Kardashians—which premieres Sept. 22 on Hulu—a new teaser for the show has been released. “The narrative is so out of hand about me and my family,” the 818 Tequila founder says in a confessional, “There’s just no changing it.”

The 15 second teaser also features other things. Kim KardashianSays, “I have always wanted people see me for who I am.”

In the past, Kendall has gotten candid about her ongoing struggle with anxiety. The model revealed how she practices self care and keeps her insomnia at bay in an interview with VogueLast week.

“I like to wind down in the evenings,” the 26-year-old told the outlet in a story published Aug. 19. I usually have tea, and then relax with a book or journal.