Kelly RizzoReflecting on her past since she married her husband Bob Saget‘s death six months ago.

She wrote, “6 Months without my best friend and my travel buddy. My loving husband.” In an Instagram tribute on July 9, she said. “6 months of your silliness and laughter, music. Cuteness, caretaking. Sharp wit. Thoughtfulness. Cuddling. 

Rizzo however noted that “it’s also taken 6 months to search for silver linings and learn how brave the world is” without Saget. 

Saget was Saget’s dad. She added, “6 Months of love and compassion from so many people who love you.” Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer. “6 months of getting even closer to your magical daughtersAnd trying to all be strong together.” 

He would be proud that she is living the life he wanted. “6 months of continuing to love, laugh, and live because that’s what you would want…what you’d insist upon,” Rizzo continued. “Even though you’d want to make sure that we all still miss you…and dear God do we ever. Every day, we miss you. We love you honey. The world isn’t as it was without you.