Kelly RizzoShe is open to reflecting on the “wonderful” life she shared with her late husband Bob Saget.

In her first major interview since his death, the blogger shared some of her memories with the The Full House star.

Here’s a look at the first interview with NBC News, scheduled to air Jan. 20TODAY Anchor Hoda Koch Kelly was asked about Bob’s real personality.  

“Who was Bob Saget at dinner, when there was no one to watch?” She asked. She asked, “When there wasn’t anyone around, nobody to laugh at, what was this guy like?” 

Kelly shared that Kelly was the same. She shared that he was just there to enjoy life. She said that he wanted everyone to feel great. “I mean, if we were to go to a restaurant, I would speak to all the waiters and waitresses. He was familiar with all of the hostesses.” 

She said, “Everyone knew him and loved them.” And his constant message was ‘just treat everybody with kindness’ because he had gone through so much in his life, and he knew how hard life could be. He was always so loving and kind to everyone.