“Keith is the only guy on the planet who can go Anthrax, *snorts with one nostril* alright!” Robin Williams said this in his stand-up show in Times Square in 2002. Make fun of Richards as many times as you’d like and in any fashion, because he’s been living well, literally! He just recently scored a sweet deal on a penthouse duplex in Greenwich Village for $10.5 million. Whatever he’s been doing, it’s been working out well for him. Keith has a book out titled “Life,” and made his singles and albums available on his website. Also, Keith’s currently set to return in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie as Captain Teague.

On to the new NYC pad! It’s actually composed of three units, each having its own terrace. One could imagine the various breathtaking views Richards’s new home has to offer. Even the nicely-sized windows offer such views. Floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Home includes custom features, office, kitchen furnishings, and laundry room. Keith and his wife will be conveniently a block from Washington Square Park and 6 away til’ they reach Union Square. There are a couple of doctors near as well for…….ya know…….just in case.

Address: 1 5th Ave #18A, New York NY 10037