Keanu ReevesHas no appetite for memes.  

Monday 13 December 2013: Matrix Resurrections star, 57, chatted with Stephen ColbertOn The Late Show about the latest installment of the Matrix series, and revealed the true backstory of one his most popular memes, “Sad Keanu.” 

Keanu is seen sitting alone on a bench in a park, looking down at the ground as he eats a sandwich. The picture went viral back 2010.  

Keanu was furious when Stephen displayed the photo to his camera and said, “I am just eating a sandwich!” 

Was there really anything going on inside Keanu’s head at the time that this picture was taken? He said, “I was thinking!” He said that he had some things going on. He said, “I was hungry.” 

The impact of Sad Keanu still lives 11 years later. Keanu actually believes the original image inspired the art for his comic book. BRZRKR.