Looks like no more ‘80s plaid shirts and furniture selling for Jeff Garlin.

CelebHomes News confirmed the news on Dec. 16. Garlin, who plays Murray Goldberg on ABC comedy The Goldbergs, will exit the show—effective immediately—after an HR investigation stemming from multiple complaints about his behavior on set.

According to The Hollywood ReporterA producer informed Garlin’s cast and crew during Dec. 16 production about Garlin’s exit. Entertainment WeeklyReports claim that creators inspired the decision to end the series. Adam F. GoldbergGarlin and Sony shared a childhood together. 

Garlin has been playing the TV-loving, loud and easily annoyed Goldberg dad since its premiere in 2013. He spoke out about the allegations of misconduct in an interview. Vanity Fair On December 3, His jokes were misunderstood and “nothing physical” had occurred, he said. 

Garlin stated that there has been an HR investigation into me for the last three years. “HR came to me for my conduct on set three times in succession,” Garlin shared.