Katja HerbersEnjoy the rewards of Evil‘s success—but she knows it wouldn’t have happened without a certain TV power couple.

Herbers, who plays Dr. Kristen Bouchard on the Paramount+ hit, owes gratitude to the show’s creators Michelle Robert King. They were the ones who created a show that resonates so strongly with audience members, and she credits them.

“I had the privilege of knowing the Kings,” she said. Variety. They were determined to push my character to the limit. They were so excited to see what I would do. They were not disappointed.”

Herbers addressed the audience on March 13 Critics Choice Awards red carpet. EvilEight awards were nominated, including Best Drama Series. It was a member of the Mare of Easttown as the second-most nominated show of the year, behind only Succession. It’s not an awful company.

In 2009, CBS’s smash hit TV show was launched by the Kings. The Good Wife. Its spin-off. The Good Fight Premiered in 2017. The sixth season will air in 2022.

According to reports, they signed a five year deal with CBS Studios.