A different Twitter user wroteOne said, “Precious doesn’t even exist and that was not funny,” another stated. stated“I know Kathy Hilton isn’t very knowledgeable, but she somehow managed to mislead Lizzo and Gabourey sidibe. It certainly falls under the ‘we look alike to each other’ stereotype.

Kathy was defended by others, who argued that she did not know who. Ryan ReynoldsOr Justin Timberlakea game of the same name. Kathy also mistook this for the game. RHOBH co-star Garcelle BeauvaisFor her sister Kyle Richards. One tweetRead, “You know Kathy cannot see or recognize herself.” 

This is a point that should be acknowledged by another individual tweetedPrecious, however, is a very sinister word. This is not about linking Lizzo with a black fat person based on their weight. It also erases Gabourey’s identity.