It sounds like Aspen wasn’t always all roses and sunshine!

Kathy HiltonWe spill the beans about the real story. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast’s recent cast’s trip to Aspen, Colo. During an Instagram Live interview with CelebHomes Entertainment, the mother-of-four proclaimed that while she had “the most wonderful time,” there was some drama involving the other ladies.

Assisting your daughter Paris Hilton on Wednesday, Feb. 2, Kathy revealed of the trip, “The girls did have some squabbles.” It was during her stay with sister that she said this. Kylie RichardsAccording to’rental property, there were “a few small squabbles in which some people left Kyle’s.”

Rumors of drama were fueled over the weekend, when an unverified screenshot spread online that allegedly showed Kathy commenting on her husband Rick Hilton“Please Call Me ” is a post on Instagram by’s now-deleted account. It reads, “Please contact me, I need to get outside here now .”

The 62-year-old socialite is explaining what happened during that frightening moment.