H.E.R. Honoring Music Legend Marvin Gaye with 2021 PCAs

H.E.R.She isn’t scared to share her light and love with the whole world.

At just 24 years old, the musician has picked up multiple Grammys, performed at the Super Bowl and even earned a spot on the new M&M’s Album Art pack collection. 

The Californian native is now preparing for an exciting year, with new music and stadium tours. ColdplayThe singer also thanks the people who have inspired her. 

“I can still remember my father making breakfast in our house, and me playing with the toys.” Lenny Kravitz and Prince‘s performance at Paisley ParkAnd at that moment, I wanted to be a rock star,” H.E.R. Exclusively shared by CelebHomes News “Watching Alicia Keys and all these musicians made me more confident in being a musician.”

As she found more success in the industry, H.E.R. As she gained more success in the industry, H.E.R. began to pay it forward by spotlighting musicians from many different genres. After concerts and live events had to be halted due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the singer created an online Girls With Guitars series that showcases talented female artists.