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There are those commercials that show a woman pretending she is washing her face, while wearing full makeup. While it can be difficult to accept those advertisements seriously, it is incredibly convincing when someone who doesn’t endorse products walks you through her routine with no makeup and in a clear video. And who is this “someone?” Kate Hudson, who looks nothing short of radiant in not one, but two Instagram videos, that she previously shared using her go-to products.

You can’t pause Reels videos, but she is quick through the list. Don’t worry though. I watched it over a million times and took screenshots to make sure you don’t need them. And I listed the products she adores below (you’re welcome). Yes, a lot of celebs share their skincare routines, but I’m going to re-link this video one more time just in case you haven’t watched it yet. Here’s a look at her skin. This is it So Worth the investment.