Katy Perry’s Not Ready to Have Baby No. 2

It is Katy Perry ready for another little California Gurl (or boy)?

She shared all details about the performance. American IdolCelebHomes News’ red carpet Francesca AmikerThen she revealed her future plans for a baby with her husband Orlando BloomYou are currently at pause

She stated, “I am in Vegas, but I can’t show that show with any food in my belly,” and “especially not with a person.” Residency in Las Vegas for Katy. Play, It began December 2021, and continues through August 2022.

Katy already has a little person in her life. Daisy Dove Bloom, 1, has been reaching important milestones: “She’s running,” beams her mom, “she says ‘I love you,’ she colors, [and] she’s got pigtails.”

Katy also recently got to experience was her daughter’s first trip to Hawaii, where the little girl had a hilarious interaction with Mickey Mouse at a character meet-and-greet breakfast.

“[Daisy]Katy explained that Mickey saw her and she believed Mickey was a cow. She mooed at Mickey.” Katy added. “She went, ‘Moo, moo.’ And I was like, ‘That’s not the sound,’ but I don’t know what the sound is, actually. Is there a sound Mickey Mouse emits?