CelebHomes News was informed that Kardashian and Davidson ate dinner at Zero Bond in New York City, Nov. 3. People also reported that they dined at the Staten Island restaurant Campania on Nov. 2, and they were spotted holding hands while riding a roller coaster at Knott’s Scary Farm in California on Oct. 29. They were spotted weeks after Kardashian hosted a party. SNL. In one sketch, they played Aladdin with Jasmine and shared their kisses on a magic carpet ride. 

CelebHomes News was told by a source close the founder of SKIMS that they are just friends after they were spotted at Knott’s Scary Farm. Kardashian and Davidson continue speculation with their outings. 

“Kim isn’t looking to date anyone right now,” the first insider says. “She is enjoying this moment in her life and is having a lot fun. They don’t have to be perfect. Pete is a laid-back, casual guy that she likes. They have plans to see each other again while Kim is in New York City. She is excited about what is happening between them.