Kareem explained that his response to the program has nothing to with my portrayal. “I’m 75 and have had to deal with negative and positive comments about me for 55+ years. It’s all part of being a celebrity and it isn’t my fault. There’s very little that anyone can say about me—whether it’s true or false—that will affect my life.”

Let us all strive to be as Zen and as Zena as Kareem.

Not only is he not a Lakers legend, but he has also spoken against it. The Winning Time, either. 

“First off, without the Lakers you cannot tell a story on the Lakers.” Magic JohnsonSubmitted VarietyIn an interview on April 5, The real Lakers. “You gotta have the men.”  

Magic is what makes magic the center of everything. The Winning TimeThe first season of the Lakers, which was also the catalyst for their triumph in the 1980s, was filmed by. He said he doesn’t watch it because no member of the team asked him to. 

Listen to their advice and make your decision. The Winning Time airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET available on HBO