The Kardashians are loved by fans who love to follow their every move. But it seems like they have a lot of other things going on. Kourtney KardashianHer PDA could not be seen by her children. Travis Barker.

On the May 19 episode, The KardashiansViewers viewed Penelope Disick tell her mom what she It is really thinks about them kissing. Kourtney, her nine-year-old daughter and Travis were having a game of Ping-pong. Travis then came in and Kourtney wrapped both her arms around him, to kiss him.

“Mom!” Penelope said, “No kissing!”

Kourtney claimed she only wanted one kiss from her boyfriend, but P said no. “Sorry,” Travis said. Kourtney then inquired about her daughter’s certificates. Penelope said, “no” 

They were not the only ones to mention locking lips. Kourtney and Travis shared a dinner with Penelope (Kourtney’s 7 year-old daughter). Disgusting ReignTravis and Alicia’s children Alabama Barker, 16, Landon Barker18, Atiana De La Hoya23, 23 Mason Disick with her ex Scott Disick). The founder of Poosh, and his wife the blink-182 drummer started kissing at the table, Reign didn’t hold back his reaction. 

He declared, “I’m about to die.” “Ew, guys. You guys can’t make a French-speaking kiss. “Can you guys not have a French-style kiss?”

Travis said to Kourtney that he didn’t want any French kissing after hearing the request.