Kanye “Ye” WestHe shares his views on divorcing Kim Kardashian in the midst of their ongoing separation.
Ye wrote a piece poetry in an Instagram post Friday, March 4. It depicted how Ye felt about his divorce.

“Divorce feels like full blown Covid / Divorce feels like your doctor don’t know s–t,” his post read. “Divorce feels as if you are walking on glass/ Divorce like you run through a glass wall/ Divorce like you’re being bullied at school/ Divorce like you’re being beat up in the shopping mall.
Continued the message with additional analogies like “Divorce is like heavy breathing / Divorce is like being suffocating.”

“Divorce feels as if your teeth are being pulled using pliers. / Divorce seems slower than paint and dryer. / Divorce feel like you have nails in your hand.” DondaArtist posted that these kinds of breaksups can leave people feeling like they aren’t themselves anymore.
Ye published Ye’s Instagram poem two days after Kim had been legally declared single. Kim was granted her request by a judge to change her marital status and return to Kardashian, her maiden name in a virtual hearing.