Your best friend is Kanye “Ye” WestYou get used to lavish gifts.

Kanye has a similar reason. Kim Kardashian“The oldest daughter” North West8-year old Veronica seemed somewhat overwhelmed when her father came to pick her up in his firetruck. The Kardashians airing May 19 on Hulu. 

“Did Sainty hear you?” His daughter was surprised to hear the news from him, and he asked her. Saint West, 6.

Surprisingly, the oldest West child replied simply “No.” It was surprising, Mom told me.

But, as Kim noted in a confessional, this gesture was the chart-topper’s “Kanye way” of doing everyday things.

Kim, while exploring the truck with her children, said, Chicago West4. Psalm West3. “Isn’t this the most cool thing ever?” “Who gets to take a ride on a firetruck?”

North replied, “I do,” without missing a beat.


Kim tried to highlight the uniqueness of this experience by noting “I don’t think anybody has ever done that before.”