Speak your mind about it Kanye “Ye” WestYou can’t deny the talent of this rapper.

Three-part Netflix documentary series jeen-yuhs: a Kanye Trilogy Ye is an example of the difficulties he has faced. This first segment documents Ye’s rise to fame as a producer. It includes footage from 2001 prior to his signing his first record deal. Ye seems unfazed at all the hurdles that come his way, because his mother (his late mother) was there to support him. Donda West, insists in the series, he’s destined for greatness.

Ye admits, however that not all record companies are looking for someone like Ye. They respect Ye as a producer but didn’t want him signed to their label as an Artist. Every time, jeen-yuhs shows Kanye as he’s approached with offers to produce but he wants more for himself.

The time was DMX  Jay-Z were topping the charts with songs based on their gang experience, a trend that the “Heartless” artist says he respects but can’t relate to. He explains, “I wasn’t in the streets killing and shooting motherf–kers because I was determined. I felt like I wanted to f–king make it in music. So what? “You going to use that against me because I don’t kill anybody?”