One of the key players in the CSI crime lab may soon be gone. 

Tuesday 25 January CSI: Vegas actress Jorja FoxTwitter: Announced her resignation from the CSIIn the sequel series she played Sara Sidle. Fox explained to its fans that they made the decision after much deliberation.

“I’ve decided to not ‘Sidle Up’ CSI VegasShe wrote. “CSI was always a love story for me. It is the story of people finding love even in the most difficult situations. It is the story that even the most difficult of times or places, love can thrive and take root. “I can’t imagine Sara and Grissom ever being separated again.”

The news is more than a month ago. William PetersenFox co-starred with. CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationThe sequel series and would not return for the season 2. Petersen only agreed to revive his Gil Grissom character for one season of CSI: Vegas,But he is still an executive producer.

“So goes Grissom…..So goes Sara,” she tweeted. They belong together no matter where they are.