Justin TimberlakeIs finding his feet once again.

Less than a week after a video of the 41-year-old entertainer awkwardly dancing during a performance in Washington D.C. went viral, Justin issued a hilarious mea culpa on his Instagram Stories. 

In a June 22 video, he apologized to D.C. for “here and there” as he zoomed in on his feet to show the details. I had an extensive conversation with each of them individually and told him, “Don’t ever do that again to me.”

He said, “Maybe it’s the khakis.” The khakis gave it a true khaki feel.

Justin then vowed to make it up to his fans and to focus on “these two guys right here,” referring to his feet, to “get it right.”

On June 18, Justin took the stage as part of Something in the Water music festival in the nation’s capital wearing a short-sleeve button-down shirt, casual khaki pants and orange sneakers. Justin performed with the former. ‘NSYNC member attempted to bust out some Beat Ya Feet-style dance moves, which have been popular in the D.C. area for more than 20 years. However, many fans were not impressed with his skills.