Michael C. Hall’s Eight Years with “Dexter.”

Dexter, how are you going to explain all this?

On the December 5th episode of New Blood, Sheriff Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) learned that her boyfriend Jim Lindsay is, in reality, former Miami resident Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). The revelation came about after an encounter with Captain Angel Batista—shout-out to the return of David Zayas—who revealed that a former colleague had a son named Harrison. Then, Angela’s daughter Audrey (Johnny SequoyahHarrison, a teenager from Iron Lake (Jack Alcott() admitted that Jim’s dad is not his real name.

Angela discovered Dexter’s obituary via internet research. It also contained a photo. Angela presented Jim/Dexter with the printed obituary, which was revealed as a teaser to the new episode on Dec. 12. Jones was unable to provide more detail so we approached Jones and asked for any additional information.

There are so many things at play for her. CelebHomes News exclusive: “It is her boyfriend.” It has a personal component. There’s also the fact that she’s the chief of police and somebody has been faking—is it fraud? It’s not clear to me. There are many sides, however. It brings up lots of unpleasant feelings.