Julia shared the video she took of her night on Instagram with Julia. Telli VisionThe group ate, drank, and had a good time on the special day of the actress.

A source close to Ye previously told CelebHomes News that the Donda The rapper helped organize Julia’s party, adding that he loves to make a scene and was delighted Julia was so happy.

The star-studded event saw Ye pull out all of the stops. Models were among the attendees. Paloma ElesserPlaywright Jeremy O. Harris, 13 Reasons You Should CareStar Tommy DorfmanJulia and Julia Forbidden Fruits podcast co-host Niki TakeshSome left with extremely expensive gifts. A second insider told CelebHomes News that Ye “not only gave Julia a Birkin, about three of their friends got their own too.”  

According to an insider, “They all seemed excited” but “the friends seemed happy and surprised.” Ye stated that Ye “definitely tried to impress her and win her over.”