Fan appreciation!

Jennifer LopezSeeing the show made me teary eyed The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as she recalled a touching moment from a fan while on tour. 

Her new movie Get married to meLopez is a singer and concertgoer who appears in the movie, which will be released Feb. 14.Owen Wilson) holding a sign that says “Marry Me” and the two end up tying the knot on stage. When promoting romantic comedy, “Let’s Get Loud”, the singer of the song was asked whether she can recall any standsout signs from concerts.

Although the celebrity, 52, admitted that she had never received a proposal to marry at a show she was on, she said she recalls being touched by one sign left by a fan while she was touring her first album. This she described as “very memorable.”

Lopez said that he went on tour late in his career. Lopez explained that she didn’t travel until her 40s because of the fact that I had children and all other responsibilities. “I had never been on a real world tour.”