Never thought of it! Judi DenchWould be seeking career advice Kim Kardashian.

That’s what happened at tonight’s 2022 Oscars, which took place on March 27, when the co-hosts were Regina HallAnd Wanda SykesHe did an amusing bit of handing out presents to the audience.

Hall stated, “You all know that we did not want anybody to leave empty-handed tonight. We think you’re all winners even though we don’t believe so.”

Sykes said, “So, we got some conciliatory prizes because this is going to make you feel better.”

Hall offered to show a lucky person a movie and said, “I have the movie for you, but no one else has seen it.” This is a movie that has never been seen before. It was not even directed. The screener was now available. The Last Duel.”

“Never been seen!” Sykes was cracked Ben Affleck‘s 2021 film.

Sykes also gave out “voter Registration Form for Texas”, which had been “pre-shredded” before being destroyed.