On Wednesday, Dec. 1, the judge ruled that the prosecution can admit his past molestation case as evidence in his child pornography trial, according to documents obtained by CelebHomes News. One day prior, the judge had seen a list that included potential witnesses. According to Nexstar Media Wire, it included his sister, Jill Duggar Dillard—who, in a 2015 Fox News interview, revealed herself to be one of his molestation victims—brother Jedidiah DuggarFamily friends and relatives Jim Holt Bobye Holt. Jim Bob Duggar was not on the list.

For a recent evidentiary hearing, the Duggar family patriarch was subpoenaed by the prosecution to speak about the 2006 police report about Josh. Jim Bob Duggar answered questions about this incident by saying, “I don’t know” and calling it “tabloid info.” He later said that Josh did speak to him and Michelle in 2002 about “inappropriate touching” of a minor and that his son also “confessed everything to Arkansas State Police,” People reported.

Jim Bob stated that they tried to manage things inside the house. “It was a difficult time in the family’s lives.”