The first step to love is marriage. After that comes the baby in the carriage.

Not so quickly. Jordan Rodgers33-year-old Judith Rodgers welcomed a new Rodgers member, but not her and her wife. JoJo Folcher‘s. He is actually his older brother. Luke Rodgers“, who was a father to the first of his children with his wife Aimee Rodriguez on June 17. 

“My wholehearted heart. Jack Jordan Rodgers, welcome to the universe,” Luke shared his Instagram post on June 20, at 40. Your love and admiration are unsurpassed. This has been a difficult road for many of you, filled with pain and loss. But God was so generous in choosing us as the parents to this precious boy.

Luke explained the meaning of the name for the baby boy, saying, “Jack, we chose your name because God is gracious.” We are grateful for your middle name @jrodgers11, and hope you will be as kind, generous, loyal (and tan), and a great man of character like your uncle Jordan.