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Superstar JoJo SiwaYou can wear any style, whether it is vibrant and colorful or classic and elegant. Siwanators will do anything you need. Dancing With the Stars This alum would like to share her story with us. Her HipDot makeup line, which is also available at Ulta, was just released.

Jeff Sellinger, HipDot CEO and cofounder explained that JoJo Siwa is a shining personality and a great performer. This is why we’re so happy to collaborate with her. Everything that she stands for – like encouraging her fans to be true to themselves and to fully embrace all of their quirks – cannot align better with HipDot’s own values, so this collab is really special and carries a meaning beyond just putting on makeup.”

These products will help you create dreamy and bold looks. Dancing MamasThe makeup of an alum is gone.