Amber Heard shared her take on the video footage showing her and James Franco in an elevator together the night before she filed for divorce from Johnny DeppIn May 2016.

During the on-going defamation trial between the actress and her ex, Heard explained that she was “close” pals with Franco, whom she appeared in two movies with, and felt supported by the actor amid her rocky, and allegedly violent, romance with Depp.

She testified that Franco was a friend of mine and lived right next to me. And I, frankly, had exhausted all my friends and support networks. It was a pleasure to have as many friends at the time as possible.”

Elevator surveillance footage, time-stamped May 22, 2016 around 11 p.m. was shared with the Virginia courtroom, showing Heard, 36, and Franco standing together as they made their way to the actress’ penthouse. One point in the video the actor places his head on Heard’s shoulder, and Franco appears to put her head on him. Together they exit the elevator.