Warning: The following story contains explicit language warning about sexual abuse and assault.

Johnny DeppDuring the last days of the $50 million defamation suit against him, he returned to the witness podium Amber Heard.

This was on May 25 Pirates of the CaribbeanStar was called to testify as a witness in rebuttal and immediately denied the many accusations made against him by his ex.

Depp testified that it was insane for him to hear the heinous sexual and violent accusations she has made against me. I don’t believe anyone likes to have to be honest with themselves, but sometimes it is necessary because things are out of control. Horrible. Ridiculous. Humiliating. Ludicrous. Painful. Savage. It is unimaginably cruel. All false and cruel.”

Depp stated that, while there is no perfect person, Depp has not committed any sexual battery or other physical abuse. You can find more information from the trial here. 

He said, “This isn’t easy for anyone of us. I know this.” “Regardless of what happens, it did happen and I told the truth. I also spoke out about what I had been reluctantly carrying for six years.