Danny is grieving the loss of his Sandy.

Olivia Newton JohnShe died on August 8th at age 73. Her husband John Easterling announced on Instagram. As family, friends and fans mourn Olivia, her Grease co-star John Travolta—who played Danny Zuko in the film—penned a heartbreaking tribute to his late friend.

On Instagram, he said, “My dearest Olivia. Your life made everything so much easier.” He also posted a picture Olivia taking, which was accompanied by a photograph of Sandy Olsson, the iconic 1978 film. It was amazing to see your impact. You are a wonderful person. You will be with me down the road, and you will join us again. You are my forever and yours since the very first time I met you.

John signed off the heartfelt message with, “Your Danny, your John!”