This news makes us feel like a million bucks! 

In the original incarnation of Fox’s 2003 reality show Joe Millionaire, women competed for the affection of a man they thought was worth megabucks—but wasn’t. The network is bringing back the series, which was short-lived but loved by viewers, almost 20 years later. The rebootJoe Millionaire: Richer or poorer?, will feature 20 female contestants who will vie for two men, one of whomIt is a millionaire. The other guy is just a regular guy, but we’re sure that he has a great personality!

In the first promo for reboot, which will air in January 20,22, the host announces that “One man is worth more than 10,000,000 dollars, the other one is not”. “Who’s who?”

As one contestant said, “Let’s get the games started!”