Joe Jonas wants Tom HollAnd and Zendaya‘s romance to continue reaching new heights.
When taking Vanity Fair‘s life detector test, the 5-foot-7 singer was presented a photo of himself alongside slightly taller wife, Sophie TurnerHe joked that he would “happy take the trophy of the short king.” And when asked if he considered Tom—whose 5-foot-8—a fellow “short king,” Joe was forced to weigh in truthfully.
Joe replied, “Yes”, “I think Tom is a very…handsome king.” However, he didn’t end there. He also commented on the possibility of their love lasting. He said, “Oh God.” They don’t really know me.
Joe didn’t let that stop him from expressing his admiration for them. Joe stated, “I only wish them best things.” “So, ‘last,’ meaning like kids and marriage—if they’re happy, I hope so, yes.” His answer proved to be just as true as it sounds.

As far as kids and marriage go for Tom and Zendaya, fans may be waiting for a WhileThese topics will not be discussed before the couple.