They are the husbands The Real Housewives of New JerseyAreIt is notGoing to: NeNe LeakesIt was once stated, “Stop talking to women.” 

They’re enjoying a night out in this exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming March 8 episode, but the conversation turns tense once Joe GorgaAnd Bill AydinBegin to talk about the continuing feud between their spouses. Melissa GorgaAnd Jennifer Aydin. On last week’s episode, the pair engaged in a fight. RHONJ, sparked in-part by Jennifer calling Joe a “crook” on social media last year.

Joe informs Bill that his wife is “out of control”. She does so many things bro. Jen did something disgusting and dirty. She seems to have crossed the line.

Bill attempts to claim that Margaret Josephs—who, like Melissa, was arguing with Jen before their conversation exploded—was the first to “cross the line” when she went “digging” for information on his years-old affair (which Jen was forced to publicly address when Margaret brought it up on camera during the season 12 premiere).