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Monday, The Bachelor: All is revealed by women, Teddi Wright shocked viewers when she revealed that Clayton EchardAfter she returned home, her brother allegedly slipped into her DMs. After she was sent home, she replied, “I didn’t reply.” She then said, “One Echard boy in all of my lifetime was enough.”

Teddi would not be faulted for seeing what Clayton could do with Teddi. Even host Jesse Palmer Suggestion: “Maybe, you’ve just met the wrong brother!”

Although viewers couldn’t see Clayton’s reactions in person, Teddi took to Twitter to demand that Teddi give the receipts to the Bachelor Nation fandom. “Both brothers denied sliding in the DMs,” he said. shared. Teddi: Please give people (including myself) the things they desire and let go of the DMs.

Clayton was the first person to doubt her. said, “Let me just clarify here…I 1000% believe Teddi. This is absolutely not possible.