Fallon’s later comments about Biden receiving a standing ovation from him at Kennedy Center drew criticism from Republican viewers. It was because Fallon believed that the President was “bringing the class back”. Donald Trump‘s presidency. 

This isn’t the first time Fallon has drawn political ire from his audience; in 2016, his interview with then-Presidential nominee Donald Trump, during which the host ruffled the candidate’s hair, was widely-criticized by Democratic supporters for its lightheartedness.  

As Biden and Fallon’s conversation flowed, the president revealed that while he may have been vice president in the past, there were still some things that surprised him and First Lady Jill Biden when they moved into the White House. 

His explanation was that both he and his wife, Jill, come from middle class backgrounds. We don’t like people waiting for us. The White House has someone who will make you breakfast or pack your clothes or carry your bags.

They reached an agreement with their kitchen staff. He shared that the guys on the second floor are not allowed to come and cook breakfast for them. There’s no reason for them to prepare breakfast for us. It’s possible to make eggs at home or just have a cup of breakfast cereal.

When Jimmy asked if the president makes his own eggs in the morning, Biden replied, “Well I don’t, Jill does.” 

His daughter asked him if he could cook. He told the story and his daughter replied, “My dad can’t do anything.” “He can make pisketti and boil water, but not much else.”

“And guess what?” Biden asked. “She’s right.” 

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