In May 2020, during Mental Health Month, the “Havana” singer shared insight into her private battle with anxiety and OCD for WSJ. Magazine.

“Here is what you won’t see: Me talking to my mom in the car about OCD and anxiety. [obsessive-compulsive disorder]She wrote that she was feeling what she described as “being in the midst of it all.” My mom and I were in a hotel reading OCD books because we needed relief. I felt constant, intense, and relentless anxiety, which made daily life difficult.

The “My Oh My” singer said she sought professional help and began cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and breathwork.

It also required a lot self-love (believing that I am worthy of happiness, belonging and love no matter what), self compassion (not emotional beating myself up for failing), and self-awareness (“calling myself out on my mistakes),” she said. “For a while, anxiety felt as if it was taking my humor, joy and creativity away.” Now anxiety and me are friends.

She said, “I listen, because she’s just trying keep me safe. But I don’t pay too much attention to her.” “I will not let her make any decision.