The child also expressed his appreciation for the nurses and doctors who cared for him on the fourth day of his life.

Kimmel also has a 7-year old daughter. Kimmel said, “He’s really fun, normal little boy.” JaneMcNearney for kids KatieAnd, 30, Kevin28-year-old he and his ex-wife Gina KimmelCelebHomes News spoke to a friend of mine in 2019 He is very passionate about Spider-Man. Spider-Man is called ‘Fighter Man’ by him, so he might have a new favorite hero. But he runs around in a little Spider-Man costume and its got muscles on it and it’s weird because it looks like a tiny little adult has invaded our home.”

Over the years, fans have seen Billy make a number of cameos on his dad’s show, playing rounds of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,” appearing in a clip on how to behave in the workplace and meeting Spider-Man‘s Tom Holland.

Billy! Happy Birthday