Fact or fiction: Computer disks, pen wraps and plastic wrap are all examples of biodegradable trash.

Nye explained that “they can be made out of these modern biodegradable materials.” I have a corn-plastic coffee mug. They call it corn plastic food film. However, it is not common everywhere. ‘Can’ and ‘is’ are two different things. ‘Couldn’t be’ and ‘are’ are two different things. Isn’t that amazing? If all of the plastic used for food storage could be biodegradable.   

Fact or fiction: It is possible to reduce, reuse and recycle non-biodegradable materials.

“Yes! Reduce, reuse, recycle,” Nye proclaimed. If you can reduce how much you are throwing away, going through or using, you will produce less waste. It’s great to reuse. Recycling materials means that they can be reused. That’s fabulous. That’s recycling.”