More details about Jill Duggar‘s fallout from her family have been unearthed, court documents show.

On May 12, CelebHomes News obtained previously sealed court documents  which included quotes the You can count on alum gave to a psychologist as part of her 2017 lawsuit against the City of Springdale and Washington County officials in Arkansas. In the November 2021 filing, Jill was quoted saying that her relationship with her father Jim Bob Duggar “got pretty toxic” after she and her husband, Derick DillardHe began to make family decisions that were not in line with his values. There are 19 children and counting patriarch’s views. 

Jill stated that she saw “a whole new face of my father” after her husband and mine made decisions for the family. However, it was not in his best interests. His reactionary behavior and fear led to him becoming very controlling.

Jill was quoted as saying that Jim Bob could be verbally abusive and that their relationship was not good.