As Simpson noted in the essay, she’s faced public scrutiny, judgment and body shaming over her weight throughout her career. She decided to get off the scale in 2019 when she measured herself just three weeks before giving birth to her 3-year-old girl. Birdie.

Simpson, who shares a daughter with Simpson said that “I weighed more” than his husband. He is a former tight end in NFL. Simpson also shared a similar weight. Maxwell9 and Son Ace8. With her spouse Eric Johnson, wrote. 

Simpson began crying afterward. She continued, “Here, I was creating life. This miracle baby we didn’t expect, but we welcomed because she was the perfect person to complete our family.” “My heart literally beat for hers. The scale was my only source of information at the time, so I looked down at mine belly. “This,” I exclaimed, “isn’t right.”

So, The Dukes of HazzardThe actress removed the scale from her hand and placed it in a bag. In the essay, she said “Goodbye!” “I don’t care if it’s broken. I’m not.”