Last time Grey’s AnatomyFans checked and Japril was headed to Boston. What are they doing in New York City, then?

Sarah DrewTo applaud her, I took to her Instagram May 18 Grey’s Anatomy co-star Jesse WilliamsHis Broadway debut Get Me Out. According to her, she was in the show because of the role.All It’s all about the feeling.

“Got the chance to watch this man shine in his Tony nominated broadway performance last night as I was driving home from Canada!” Sarah wrote. It was a great show. “What a show!”

Sarah continued to say that Sarah laughed and wept during the incident. Get Me OutAs “It was moving, funny and heartbreaking.” While she praised Jesse for “his brilliant performance”, she also gave a small nod. Jesse Tyler FergusonThank you for making her cry “joyous many times”, as she watched.

Sarah is a brilliant reviewer of the Broadway musical. Was her ex-husband’s onscreen review of Sarah as an attendee? For not crying, he gave her applause.

“Love youuu!!,” Jesse commented under her Instagram post. Thank you for not interrupting the show by your joyous weeping !!!!”