Make sure you have tissues nearby. Jesse WilliamsYou can scrub it into Grey’s AnatomyOne last time.

He said that he would consider the role of Dr. Jackson Avery, an actor who starred in the drama for 12 seasons. “I’d consider it,” he told Entertainment Tonight in a February interview. His presence is still felt in the universe of the show. It’s possible, so it is.

Jackson, April and his family were moving to Boston when the cameras last saw them.Sarah DrewTo run the Catherine Fox Foundation. After appearing in 270 episodes, he officially left the show in the 17th season of 2021. 

Jackson and April—affectionally referred to as Japril by Grey’s-heads—would still be going strong if things were left up to Williams. He stated that he could imagine them being around each other and seeing each others.

Williams stars in the movie “The Hunger Games” for now. Get Me OutBroadway will open previews in March 2010.