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Fellow Disney fans, we’ve got something that’s about to make your day 10 times better. Disney enthusiasts will not hesitate to purchase brand new merchandise. Who hasn’t waited in line at four in the morning to get a chance at snagging the latest limited edition Funko Pop, Spirit Jersey or Minnie ears? We have nothing to say. We love new merch. Because of that, we rounded up some of our favorite new releases in Disney, Star WarMarvel. We are confident that there is plenty to celebrate. 

Ruggable, a brand famous for their machine-washable rugs, just launched their new Marvel collection. The collection features 28 gorgeous designs with some of your favorite Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Captain America. You’re sure to find the right size for you. Whether you want a rug that’s bold and colorful or more subtle with a nice pattern, there’s an option for you. 

If you are a Star Wars fan, ColourPop just launched the Darth Vader Pressed Shadow Palette, which comes with nine shadows in shimmery, metallic and matte finishes. Grogu and other collections are already in their catalogs. Mandalorian This is an exciting new addition. 

Whether you’re shopping for fashion, beauty or home, we’ve rounded up some things Disney, Marvel and Star WarsFans should shop this week. These are just a few of the options.